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April 1, 2009: Heavy duty sieve shaker ‘Analysette 18’

The ‘Analysette 18’ is a vibratory sieving machine that has been specially designed for processing large quantities of material which requires sieving.
It essentially avoids the disadvantages of lighter sieving machines in which the sample and sieve weights can sometimes bias the sieve results.
The ‘Analysette 18’ is primarily used for particle size analysis and grading of coarse-grained materials. The maximum feed quantity of 25kg for sieving material and sieve stack means it can also be used in pilot plant production or in test series for larger quantities.
It is used wherever manual sieving is replaced by mechanical sieving in order to lower costs or achieve greater reproducibility. A maximum sample quantity of up to six kg can be processed in the measuring range 63µm to 63mm. Sieve process times are between 10 and 30 minutes.
Used with the evaluation programme ‘autosieve’ means that sieving results are not only available more quickly, but are also more reliable. Weighing as well as calculation errors for the individual sieve fractions are thus avoided, as the computer carries out the complete analysis.

Method of operation

Two unbalanced motors installed in phase opposition under exactly defined angles create optimum vibration of the analysis sieves mounted on the sieve plate.
Both motors are precision braked at the end of the sieving time.
This design means that the sieved materials are accelerated vertically as well as horizontally, causing the material to change direction continuously, thus producing shorter sieving times and sharper separation results.
Features of performance:
• Short sieve times, exact cut-off points as a result of multi-dimensional movement processes
• Large sieve material throughput (material quantity up to 6kg, operating with up to seven sieves plus sieving pan and sieve cover)
• Universal support plate and clamping device for 350, 400, 450mm (and/or 12, 16, 18 inch sieve diameter)
• Sieves with mesh widths of 63µm to 63mm
• Quick locking and release mechanism for sieve clamping
• Variable timer five to 60 minutes, continuous operation possible
• Robust construction for heavy-duty operating conditions
• Smooth, stable operation, very low noise output

More information:

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Fritsch GmbH
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Tel: +49 67 8470146
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